The generation of texture and form follows from the nature of the object. A symbolic descriptor that may be the DNA or a CAD definition generates the final product environment.

The parallel identities in the matrix give new solutions in other ways. Somewhere outside the matrix of perception is the universe. It is odd how a person can be bound in a delusion when the facts of the universe glare at them from every direction. It would be interesting to see if there is a real code that unlocks the compartments and releases the occupants to what would be a very unpleasant reality, which I consider more acceptable than the non-existence of delusion. It suppose it could be comical, but it would assume that I had escaped every level of matrix and this I am uncertain about.

Some physicists have suggested that our reality may be a hologram of higher space and it would seem that such a thing could be so. I do wonder at the fact that it is generally assumed by gravity lensing that there are vast numbers of planets circling stars and that it has been so for billions of years. I wonder at a culture that may have begun billions of years ago and advanced as technology does in ours. Two to the billionth power would be something so bizarre that I couldn't even wonder what it might be. IBM has used the AFM to test memory at about 45 atoms IIRC, and this implies that circuits as small as a pencil could hold the entire contents of the Internet, many times over. If I were to meet myself as I was some years ago, there would be such a chasm between what I now understand and can create and what I would have considered possible . I would hardly have imagined that I could sit in my room and have access to the entire planet at the speed of light, as simply as typing on a keyboard or clicking a button. It seems magical in perspective, and what would a billion more years make of that progression? If I had seen an SOIC LCC laying on the ground, I would have just thought it was a piece of tar. And other things are being manufacture below the wavelength of light and so they would be completely invisible without some technology to discover their presence. When I was young, even DNA was not known to exist and now I have cloned an organism myself. I think that just that fact would have caused my mind to explode when I was seven.

The generation of anti-JPEG would probably something that somebody would copyright or patent, but wouldn't they have to prove it was done before I described it? It would be a fairly simple thing to make a reverse matrix and I do it often with images and Fourier transforms. The Fourier transform of an image bears no resemblance to anything and yet it perfectly transforms back to the original so long as the reverse is applied. The complexity of imagery is interesting in itself. In a visual matrix of 1000x1000 black and white dots is a possible set which is something like two to the millionth power. If I get real energetic, I will make an anti-JPEG test and post it. It would be very mathy and I may just apply that effort to the transverse relativity problem instead.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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