Mind without matter

I was having trouble with mipmaps when copying textures, because you can't tell which mipmap is in effect for a particular scene. This OpenGL function regenerates all the mipmap levels on the fly. I can make the GPU very busy at times.

glGenerateMipmap( GL_TEXTURE_2D );

Matter has no choice as to whether it will compute or not and since everything is matter it operates without choice, in a way. No matter that I know of can refuse the loving embrace of gravity. There is an organism, and in fact there are several, which have a mind similar to the human mind in that one aspect which makes people so effective. Though the implementation is very different, it is the utility and effect which interests me. I can run my AI programs on many different types of systems and so long as the key elements are there, it will function towards its goal. The implementation of mind without matter is an interesting thing to have evolved, but I suppose anything that brings advantage and utility will appear as well as every other failed method.

It is all math to me and so now is the time to integrate. Momentum and energy says that if you want to be here, you must also be over there too. It is a strange matrix, but it seem to resolve to one single form, I hope it isn't 42. I always find it interesting how many calculations go into some little image blob that I create. I can create a program that seems to generate an interesting nature scene of trees and land and sky, but in that set of required calculations and representation can exist a statement like any language. How could it not be so. Quite often I may integrate a dozen complex equations that exist inside the final product and someone could claim that the product is unique, but in high space, any point has an infinite number of vectors that point to its position which means, that as unique and complex a product may be, it can be arrived at through an infinity of doors. So it doesn't matter(energy?) how many doors a person guards, there will always be a door that opens to any space.

I can almost feel the presence of the equation, like a ghost haunting me. Okay, that sounds good, "The Ghost Mind Equation".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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