Raggedy Android

I look at the future from a different matrix position and to me the actions of others seem very unusual and like a child learning to walk, you feel compelled to help, but know you must not. It was always my opinion that once the equation of universal state was understood , all things would become clearer in their meaning. Philosophy depends upon physics. In fact, everything depends on physics. It is the bottom most dependency in the universe. It is the library to which everything is linked. The functions and API there define what is possible. Psychology, existentialism, and every other relationship is dependent upon the methods there. A person can make up anything to have a consistent universal view, but without foundation, it is one of many self delusions that crowd the mind space of people. It is obvious to me why it happens, as obvious as the inverse square law. Change will certainly come, when and in what order is always the question that I have. Parts of a puzzle can be jammed together to meet the goals of the system, but without a reasonably complete set of pieces, it looks like spaghetti to me. A child can create a finger painting that they feel is good work, and so it may be, in its context.

Hofstadter suggested we should think outside the box, but I would suggest that one must think in the infinite space which is outside a point defined in any dimensional way. Infinity can be a scary place, but it is always there, whether I ignore it or embrace it. For me there is no box to be in or out of, and Schrodinger's cat roams free.

I can't give any more clues because the change that is coming is like a tsunami and it looks like a simple wave of change as it approaches, but what remains in its wake is only that which is designed for that future. I know what I can do with the technology I have, but it makes little sense to build sand art on the beach of certain change. There is only one vector that appears to remain stable and I will keep with that. Perhaps I am wrong, and thus I will be dinner for the werecats.

I am not being condescending, I am merely speaking from a different matrix position and up, down and every other direction is a matter of convention. In the world where Alice Infinity plays, up is never the same twice. Each perspective is different and I have no idea which is the perfect vector, or if there is such a thing. Such is life on the way to infinity.

I am using a new technique of concentric textures that has as it furthest and first drawn texture, a map of stars, moons and planets that uses system time and the axis point of my location on Earth or elsewhere to rotate the texture. Next and inside is the atmosphere with generated clouds that rotate and change slowly in the sky. Inside that is the distant space of structure and so ever closer. It is an interesting visual effect and when coupled with textures and structures that change with time, it is a unique environment that is never dull of repetitive. Since textures are drawn from their furthest position and inward, blending takes place consistently. In this way I can move out of the inner textures and see the stars as they are outside at my time and position, except that the virtual stars have much more information associated in the matrix and can be acted upon with methods.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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