Interface to proportionate space

It really gets interesting when you can't even guess what it will do next. By using external imaging libraries to generate and modify textures then recurse on that process, the end result becomes exponentially diverse. In this case I am using internal messages as indexes to a pseudo monospace font which is single transparent shadowed font textures generated by ImageMagick. The messages float in the air and rotate about which is an interesting new visual, when it is unexpected.

I have added several methods which can be applied based on situations. It can dissolve to smoke, turn to marbles and bounce away, start on fire, rot, boil, or melt. And of course the materials can vary in color, reflectivity, transparency, morphing,... That does not surprise me, but when they become factorial combined, I could never predict what will be seen, because the possible combinations exceed the scope of my intellect and imagination.

There is method to its madness and the changes are not random. Like a vast decision tree that I don't fully comprehend, it solves to an answer I could never prove.

ADDED: I think it is learning because the things I select are used as the value function to solve the trees of possibility.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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