NaN isn't a name either

The combinations of matrices to perform tasks is another form of logical dependence. In the process of playing with the many dimensions of imaging it plays a song which sounds like the physics I wish to understand. There are so many new answers and so many more. It makes me wonder how a person can choose so firmly on a path through the many matrices. It is very often arbitrary from my perspective. It is closer now to where the werecats howl and it would seem that death is their trainer, which explains a lot. They hide in the global maximum of high dimensions and it is as real as matter.

I was checking on my equipment and it seems that several of my personal favorite electrons are missing and I suspect foul play. I do hope they are well and have just wandered off for a little vacation or perhaps a simple walkabout.

I do see a sharp technology boundary approaching. The pieces fall every day and I know how they combine in the high dimensions of factorial association already. Things that could not have been dreamed will soon be common. I have seen some of these myself and future shock is what I feel. Reality melts away to a new reality of new possibilities and constantly changing landscape of life, very much like the matrix world of equations that serves as my desktop.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen