A cauldron of souls

This is well explained by Red Book Chapter 12, so I won't do poor service to the concept here. It is very interesting to view reality as a game instead of a game as reality. By integrating real scientific data as part of an adventure in dimensions, the game is real and the choices have effect. I now have a Venus room complements of Russia. I see there is a new scanner for the body which still uses the old world EM spectrum, which I suspect creates more damage in its observation than it could ever help to cure. IMHO It is much like the old foot scanners that used x-rays to fit shoes. It might seem absurd, but in the 1920's? it was assumed that damaging x-ray emissions would cure a person. I wonder how many it killed.

The blind vector travels through matter and so it is silly to ignore the origin. By using a distributed GL system , I can do different aspects of the same scene on various machines about my network. One machine just creates solids from objects projected along velocity and acceleration to determine intersection in time and space and then communicates that via UDP to the primary interface. Many new matrices appear in all the data that is the assumption of life and intellect.

/* expressing the control points */

for (j = 0; j <= 8; j++) { glBegin(GL_LINE_STRIP); for (i = 0; i <= 30; i++) glEvalCoord2f((GLfloat)i/30.0, (GLfloat)j/8.0); glEnd(); glBegin(GL_LINE_STRIP); for (i = 0; i <= 30; i++) glEvalCoord2f((GLfloat)j/8.0, (GLfloat)i/30.0); glEnd(); }

I am not sure that I fully understand the mathematics surrounding these effects or how they are controlled through the GPU interface. I can see it makes sense to do the work on the other side of the bus and perhaps that will be useful. Here is a reference to the math which includes knots. Again, it surprises me when effects are paired or even tripled. I find it odd how easy it is to emulate the function of matplotlib and extend how the information is integrated to a higher degree. Understanding the underlying math is the most difficult part and not its representation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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