The fog of peace

Implementing a fog like effect follows NeHe lesson 41 generally, except that the define below must be made before including gl.h because of some auto magic float / int stuff AFAIK.

#include <GL/gl.h>

The implementation of a neutrino net ( or other new method ) would not be a real commercial success in the same way that telecommunications is established. It would not be possible to centralize the interface and restrict usage or control what information was retained or sent. For that reason I would guess that it would be branded illegal technology and people who used it would be arrested. I am not sure that this is in keeping with an idea of freedom or innovation. I understand that people use their ability to communicate to express things that may or may not be in the interest of others. That is pretty much true of every action that a person might take. I guess when free communications is outlawed we will all be required to listen to what we are told and believe it.

Point to Point communications is the most likely way that the Internet will break. This is what I assume will happen as restrictions on the network become more and more strict and invasive. Many people make money collecting information from the Internet and controlling access in one way or another. I can still remember when a BBS was the only way to connect and communicate electronically, sometimes at speeds of 110 baud. I would guess that it would lead to innovation in new ways. I can't think of any country that would want to give up control of the information that flows between people. It is like having a free wire tap on every conversation, action and relationship. When free speech is banned, only criminals will have free speech. I am not so sure that it wouldn't be a fact that crime should be defined in the converse at that point. By crime branding something so essential to freedom it would seem that the crime is the restriction and not its opposition. In fact, I am sure of that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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