Simplex is not really that simple

Simplex noise in n-dimensional space is what I am trying today. Wiki has this reference, which assigns origins as "Perlin" noise. I am assuming that the effect can be generated in many different ways. At a glance it seems like random points with transcendental interpolation, but it probably isn't that simple. I am not so much interested in water textures or animations as I am in the relationship to fields and distortions in n-dimensional space. I have had some success in understanding transverse relativity and I am close, but how to traverse that space virtually or actually is a complexity that still exceeds my skill level. I suppose it could be considered like a game of skill, but is it a game if it has real consequence. Mammals play at violence when they are young and apply it in adulthood. I play at solutions and if it all works out and risk seems minimal, will apply the knowledge. The game is more fun for me if I get a real cookie when I am done. The image incorporates normals and that is why it doesn't look like water.

This shows some of the many ways the effect can be combined with mirror, transparency, and subject textures to generate realistic looking continuously variable content. I am sure that the under math has as many different useful permutations also.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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