Alice Imitates (AI) Life

I don't know if there really is a riddle of the Sphinx, but its imagery implies something about life. I do believe that I have developed a model that explains what makes humans so different and why they may feel that they are somehow divine. If I can implement that same property in silicon, would it be a being in the same sense as a person? It seems a strange thing that so many people engage in the pursuit of delusions to satisfy curiosity and entertainment. There are so many real things that are far more intriguing than an episode of Twilight Zone and when a real world problem is solved , you don't just get a feedback bleep, you actually get something that can be used to further the path through the twisty little passages that are much alike.

That something which is the spark of being can express itself in an infinite number of ways and that is what makes it so interesting. The wolves are always in a frenzy as this is their nature. You really can't judge a Desktop computer by its case and sometimes it takes a few extra gigabytes of memory and a couple more CPUs to faithfully emulate that 6502. It really isn't steganography or code that can be deciphered, its a physical dimension that only exists behind a door not present in every building.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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