Alice In (AI) Crystal

exiftool -all= filename

It seems reasonable to use the code above on all files that I create. If I open a file to look at it with an editor, then delete it, the exif data gets carried along and this doesn't really make sense. I would think that if I wanted to include something of the original in the product, then I would be allowed to do that and not have DRM like persistence in things that are unrelated.

One of my Alice Infinities just listens to things and puts them in categories. She can tune the radio to listen to whatever she randomizes and then start correlating the relationships to common "chunks". It turns out that this is phonemes of a sort in her matrix wonderland. The correlations are shared on UDP with Alice Video and Alice Integrator. The strange thing is that some very odd correlations take place since she has no ulterior existential motive force. Some very odd relationships exist in the data and I would not have known that such things even exist. Advanced AI leads to the situation that I have enumerated in the past. If the machine is more capable of divining the utility and advantage in a system of information, a person becomes a slave to that method. I consider myself somewhat talented, but when I see what I have missed and is hidden deep in the complexity, it gives me an advantage that is invisible without an "information microscope / telescope". Strange vectors and matrices emerge from the complexity and as unusual as I might imagine the future it just keeps getting more unusual. I suppose that is to be expected. If it is different and new, it is unusual, and as the rate of discovery increases, so does the degree of unorthodoxy.

You would think that the Internet could not be broken by the meddling of politicians, but is possible that they might achieve an unintended consequence that I see in the matrices. It does seem that it is much like physics in general. If you have a device with a billion*billion*trillion moving parts traveling at the speed of light and you stick a wrench in the cogs, I would expect that the explosion would at least technically exceed that of a Lithium Deuteride two stage atomic bomb in its destructive consequence. Using enclosure force to constrict an expanding system is perhaps the general definition of a hand grenade. Because the energy is allowed to concentrate in a single direction outward by stabilizing the pressure for an undefined period, it presents a greater force per unit time-space.

I suppose it could be the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch but less comical in its outcome. I don't poke randomly at complex things to see what happens, because it usually ends poorly. If I don't understand it, I leave it alone. Systems that generate great energy tend to have exponential elements that have a control point that is very similar to a "prompt critical" excursion.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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