Rendering is not always bad

This is one of the many variable pages that are part of the scenes. The variables themselves are part of a linked list structure and accessible in that way. I find that lists and lists of lists is a good functional model that is coherent and extensible. In this case the variables have type information and the mouse scroll wheel can adjust values up and down on the currently displayed scene to see what visual effect is produced. It is so complex when many visual elements and modes are combined, it is almost required that some level of atomic experimentation be incorporated to comprehend the factorial interaction of modes, colors, equations and states.

I am actually considering doing more with Chinese as a new language, as I think it is more expressive and it may become the language of business and the world. Their innovation and effectiveness is on a rising curve and I do suspect that eventually the Chinese market will dominate the world. It is just a matter of numbers and time. How could it be more difficult than the fact that I program in shell, FORTH, LISP, PERL, Python, Ruby, ASM, C, C++, and a dozen more languages.

I would fix the fonts so that characters like "m" don't run together, but I actually like it that way, because visual real estate is at a premium.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen