The face of continuing education

This is a vertex fabricated face with sphere mapped texture and lighting It is developed by genotype to phenotype methods. It is just an adventure in learning how the parts interact.

It uses Smooth normals, GlNormalize for scaling, and the light control panel that I developed previously. It does seem that the 4th variable in the light direction selects for some sort of spot light, but I could be wrong. There is an interesting interaction with transparent material colors that confounded me at first. In the context of the render, it never actually displays transparent to the background, so the only way to know if the scene is actually transparent is to export the FBO and bring it back as a texture or view it externally. It would seem that the lights and material can actually produce a semi-transparent FBO. I suppose it is a side-effect of using the alpha GLX context.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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