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With OpenGL viewport, it is possible to see how different attributes or transforms change a scene. In combination with existing libraries like SDL, ImageMagick, Pil, gimp, SVG, matplotlib, digraphs, gnuplot, and others, it is possible to implement a complete application similar to gimp + blender + wxPython, as an integral part of a C program. I use multiple windows and viewports, as well as multiple pages simultaneously, so that I can quickly move about the information and modify attributes quickly.

When I was thinking about perspective, I realized that what might seem very valid and real is perhaps just one of a very large number of evolutionary dead ends. The universe has a 30 billion year perspective and the time of man is nothing in comparison. Even in recent history it has been seen that models come and go because of some unanticipated flaw in the design of governments and nations and worlds. The Egyptians suffered from long term inbreeding as well as early monarchies, the Romans didn't realize that lead destroyed mental function, the failures are many and in the grand scheme of things, I would guess that many more hidden realities will derail the direction chosen at random. I would guess that if there is no way to find a template ( in the star data ) of a survivable race, the odds of finding a perfect model for long term survival are slim to none. It would be very wise to split probabilities and take many paths. By setting one single model for culture, it does not play the field of probability well. After all, what we try is only a guess, no matter how strongly it is adopted. For all I know, dancing on one leg and whistling Dixie could be the only path to long term survival. Just because I favor some structure for whatever reasons, does not mean it is correct or sustainable. In fact the probability of perspective almost guarantees it is fatally wrong in some aspect. I am sure that many wonder whether it will be the computers, machines, robots, nature, or more likely some hidden possibility that derails the grand plans of mice, squirrels and men. Perhaps a poet best stated this long ago. So it isn't a new idea, just a new perspective.

I guess what I am saying is that when governments or systems become very monolithic in standards of any type, they become vulnerable to the infinite vagaries of the universe and doom themselves in their rigidity of purpose. You might disdain the ant for not observing and emulating the success of man, but it seems they have survived in form for more than a 100 million years, and man as a species has yet to prove its stability upon universal temporal transform. It is perspective and we have none except upon the length of our noses.

But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane In proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft a-gley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, For promised joy.

ADDED: It seems that the ant could be considered a single long lived entity, millions of years old. A human gains much knowledge and skill in a life time, but that skill is not inherited. The ant's inherited evolutionary knowledge is passed from generation to generation and I would guess that if there is a dominant species in the universe, it would incorporate a method that would instantiate knowledge of the universe from generation to generation without the external control that is imposed by oligarchy. The species is born weak, dominated and helpless while it casts its knowledge to nothingness on its departure.

It is interesting that my AI methods create some very complex and novel ideas and objects. It would seem that I can't devise a method that it would keep it from not violating copyright and patent. I am not intelligent enough to devise a method that it could apply to avoid discovering that which follows obviously from that which is and was. It has no economic motive in what it does, but if the program is duplicated, it would certainly intersect with what has been sequestered for personal profit and monopoly. The economic system is outdated and the only effect is to stifle the newly born for the benefit of the dying oligarchs. I would think it is hardly a useful long term strategy, but it fits the character of the organism and perhaps that is the real problem. I personally do not see that mice nor man is dominant in their current form and social structure.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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