The Orthogonal NULL space of stupid

The Orthogonal NULL space of stupid is where I look for answers. I always live in the stupid space, but hope one day to have fewer dimensions of NULL space to search. I am of the opinion that the reason that we see no life in the universe is the fact that we must look for that which is <= our current understanding and we are surely on the very far reaches of standard deviations below the mean for life in the universe. What competent and intelligent being lives in the shadow and risk zone of an uncontrolled nuclear fusion bomb at the bottom of a gravity well?

I have begun creating a 3D model of NOT space, which is the shape of spaces that have no visible matter and hope to see some pattern in what is not living in the shadow of destruction.

The general assumption is that there are no signs of life and the universe is able to be solved in ballistic equations, but if somebody or some thing is fiddling with every galaxy, then all bets are off. I think I will compute the action of matter and extract that which does not happen by ballistic model and plot that extent for points of concentration.

I love those LaTeX equations and just had to add them to my OpenGL.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b")
for f in `xlsfonts | grep  -e 'symbol-medium-r-normal--12'`
 echo $f
 xfd -fn $f
 number=$((number + 1))
 if [ $number -gt 30 ]


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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