FTGL - Faster than G light

Well perhaps FTGL doesn't mean "faster than G light" and in fact refers to true type fonts and OpenGL display of them. Henry Maddock's page on it is here. I wanted to view my LaTeX with some style.

It does appear that Einstein was wrong about gravity and its inherent association with space and time. It seems a bit anachronistic and seems almost like luminous aether, which is an icky concept. The actual arrangement is vastly more complex and existing theory does serve as a useful abstraction. If I make an equation of the universe as it is observed and just plot a dependency tree of the methods and data, it solves itself. My computer does all the work, and that is fine with me, as I am inherently lazy.

To use the FTGL, I encountered a few glitches that required a #define for a twitch in the png includes, as well as selecting an appropriate open ttf. The example code worked well and operates as easily as the other font method I had employed. It is pretty much a drop-in replacement since I structured code to funnel through a single font primitive.

While playing around I discovered the shell function statement, which I think is much over used by some people who will remain famous and unnamed. I did notice that no functions were defined in the "csh" c-shell , which makes sense, since bash is the shell used by Ubuntu. I am not sure that all that function aliasing is necessary and almost creates a _new ( ) language.

It does seem that the OpenGL glx context has some twitchiness in the vertical scale to the size of window. It may be a mis-coordination with X11 server data and how the GUI uses that data.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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