Intelligent AI fonts

By applying OpenCV and artificial intelligence to make a font display properly using a camera and a video display. The idea is to actually do OCR and match the OCR to the same method as the individual person. Adaptive display goes beyond kerning, true type, bit map, svg, and others to produce a product that is actually the most easily recognizable image in a certain context. By pairing the camera with the monitor in a feedback loop, the image presented can be adjusted to tune to the environmental conditions and display attributes to actually produce a human readable font that matches how it is perceived by the individual. By applying the same transforms as the viewer, it goes far beyond font factories that deal with bits and patterns. In the case of a person who is visually impaired in some way, the algorithm matches their specific perception pattern to display in the "best" mode that is recognizable.

Fonts are very confusing and complex in implementation. In addition companies have even attempted to inflict DRM on the content. By having an adaptive font that starts with the information that needs to be displayed and an indicator of the end product, it adapts the display to be the most pleasing and easily identifiable product that limits eye strain and improves contrast where that improves readability as well as computer recognition.

I use this technique with my AI to identify unknown objects by constructing them in 3D with graphic primitives and then modifying the model to conform to the 3D view that is observed. It creates a computer "mental" model which matches the observation in the aspects that are known.

I would image imagine that facial recognition could be coupled to recognize the expression of squinting and the need to either increase scale or adjust the image in some fashion to make it more readable. So the computer knows what you see, how you see it , what it is supposed to show, how you respond to that and adapts to give the image that best suits the user.

I also was thinking about a new add-on for the browser called "sad block". Instead of blocking ads in general, it just blocks what makes you sad and thus makes a person happy :)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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