The sum and its difference

The picture is from kalzium, which is an open source program. The ability to integrate many different programs through libraries and scripts allows unique applications of data that closed source development will never have. If I had to request a feature and then depend on some software company to implement such a thing and charge me for it, nothing would get done. In this case I am integrating the python image library, Stellarium, FFT analysis, voice, blender, beautiful soup, SciPy, matplotlib, ImageMagick, ffmpeg, my own C utilities with python bindings, AI, genetics utilities, and many other tools that can interact through the common framework of the python interface.

This snapshot is from Stellarium, and so it is possible to take the data from just "kalzium" and integrate it with blender and Stellarium as well as my other methods and have a complex environment that could be a constructive AI interface. The last piece is to integrate and differentiate in such a way that the interaction of methods is tree solved to a goal, as opposed to constructing the association in parts. If my goal is to make a movie of the integration of pdb and molecular models with data in blender, it can produce a "script" like a script for a movie or process that is a flow chart, which I can consider and adjust, as opposed to step wise interface. I see no reason that it cannot be a constructed flow chart within blender, which is a sequence that uses features of blender to display the choices and degrees of freedom.

The end product is a complete system that produces the concert of methods applied in the appropriate order which answers the question unspoken. I can twist about to isolate the gravitational effects, shifts in space and time or dig deep down to the very heart of the atom to see what really makes it all shine.

I think the answer to whether we are alone in the universe is forthcoming. I see all the parts, but integration is much more difficult than differentiation.


mirae said...

hello you mad professor, it is so scientific around here but there is so much heart around here also. I know you are just dying to meet our new little friends.

Something that I have really focused on because of my visits here, and havent really thought about elsewhere, is that beyond our senses who knows? an alien could be sitting right next to me here at the library but since I can't see or feel or touch nor hear him I don't know of his existence.Well my example may be a bit off track haha but I think you get my idea.

Even if we use a telescope we are still limited by our shortcomings to be able to "see" the results.

as usual this was a very fun rewarding visit.

sending you cosmic kisses.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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