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This is a snapshot of a pdf file generated using reportlab for python. I suppose it is like using LaTeX mostly, though it has a different command implementation. I will probably do python LaTeX next and see how they compare.

z=1 ch=-15 poff=760 first_tab=10 second_tab=100 get_python_image() desc="Using reportlab to create a pdf with images in the python language" for cmd in lqr: t1=cmd[0] t2=cmd[1] c.setFont("FreeMonoBold", 10) c.drawString(first_tab, z*ch+poff, t1) c.setFont("FreeMono", 10) c.drawString(second_tab, z*ch+poff, t2) z+=1 z+=1 c.drawString(first_tab, z*ch+poff, desc) c.drawImage(filename, 200,760)

The janitors at LHC have been at it again and I follow their twits on footbook. They use footbook because of facial recognition software. That way they can be sure who they are talking to, but there is no foot print database to check against. It also avoids people using the image there with opencv for surveillance cameras. Anyway, they decided that according to their theory of the universe there are extra dimensions of smell. They took sulfur and methane and accelerated them to the speed of light and smashed them together so they could smell the results. It produced a particle they called the "Pooton", which has an anti-particle which is the "smellon". They conjecture that the universe is full of dark smells, because their life stinks. They spend endless days sweeping up the slow neutrinos and cosmic rays that fall on the floor at the LHC.


mirae said...

hello you mad professor,
hahahahaha. I laughed and laughed.don't we all spend our days smelling pootons and sweeping up neutrinos and hahaha.
I knew that in the final analysis we would find a simple solution in defining the universe - it stinks hahaha.
or is this an alternate universe haha.
until the next blogging.
love and light

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Automated Intelligence
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