Deep physics of molecules

I started by modifying the Atomics script to use icospheres, so I could map in a specific way. The external script starts with an emission spectrum which gets plotted and the ImageMagick to merge and add the text in a form that matches the seams and unwrap I selected as well as subdivisions.

I am trying to get a general idea of the methods that make is simpler and quicker to generate large models as well as animate the interaction.

People might see themselves as just bags of mostly water, but they couldn't be more wrong. At 1000 meters per second and a mean free path of a nanometer, molecules collide and interact a trillion times a second and there are 6 x 1023 molecules in a gram molecular weight, which all operate in parallel. The effective process at that level is something like a CPU performing 1035 operations per second, which dwarfs the operation of even the most sophisticated super computer in the world. In addition, memory is implemented at the atomic level in the form of DNA methylation in trillions of molecules that have billions of parts. If it were literal memory, it could be a million terabytes which is parallel accessible and content addressable.. On top of that , the process that proceeds below that within the molecules themselves to exchange charge and interact is on the scale of 1018/sec for every atom. It is a very complex structure to originate from something the size of the head of a pin. The brain has these chemical structures also and does react at the chemical level.

It certainly isn't random in function and it does surprise me to consider the depth of the complexity that exists in life. If the universe were elsewhere lifeless, the complexity of its whole would not rival the complexity in a single person computationally.

Loading, modifying, running and interacting with the display is very well integrated in blender and requires very little effort to achieve a goal. The vast documentation and wide variety of libraries as well as the inherent self documenting nature and the structure that aids understanding and implementation of object oriented methods is a system well put together.


I thought perhaps I would add an image processor to blender in python, and call it blimp as a cross between gimp and blender, but alas it is already done with compositing.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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