In the high dimensions

This is a 3D plot and I discussed those before, but this is a dimensional shift of an electron as it approaches the nucleus. I suppose it could be considered relativistic mass and energy, but I see it differently as a continuum of dimensions which extend to infinity and interact. In this case I am setting some arbitrary value for the relationship of force and distance to graph the relative acceleration that an electron experiences as it approaches the nucleus. As can be seen it accelerates to ~c, but at that point the acceleration is zero. When actual values are applied in three dimensions and gravity as well as other aspects are considered, it represents an interesting condition.

It does reveal some interesting twists. I think when all the equations are combined it will be coherent. This is still a path to the elusive transverse relativity drive, which is starting to wear thin, but I am in for a penny and will play until my gedanken dollars run out.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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