Charging into Holy Darkness

In terms of plotting, I can create 3D plots and then view them and rotate to the perspective that I feel highlights the relationships best and when they are saved, they are saved with this perspective. In this case I am trying various "Z" ( electrical force or EMF or number of protons ) numbers to determine how this affects the force/velocity curve. What I am wondering is what happens at the event horizon of a black hole that is charged and has a point mass/charge center. It can't be measured directly, but I can assume various scenarios and then consider what transpires. In the case of this graph, the technical event horizon with respect to charged acceleration expands outward based on Z. It is purely a thought experiment to consider what happens in a case where a black hole becomes charged due to the relative representation of particles in its area. It does have a negative boundary also, where like charges can never enter the horizon, at any velocity. Something like an inverted event horizon. Still reaching toward the transverse relativity drive.

An interesting statistical fact is that given the standard deviation from the mean and the number of people alive today at 7B, it would be reasonable to assume that many DaVinci's exist as well as many Newtons. Since the population of the Earth is more than the number of humans that have ever lived, it is a composite in powers of the entire history of the race. People do discuss dark matter, relativity, super conducting, clones, nanomachines, virtual life, AI, and many different complex subjects as if it were child's play. It seems a strange world when viewed from the perspective of time.

I need to consider initial Ek and recompute, as well as the influence of gravity as the velocity changes. It doesn't lend itself well to graphing, as it involves too many variable dimensions and I will have to create a new technique to express the relationships.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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