Technology beyond genetics

By accident I discovered a new kind of molecular device for space travel while working on a completely unrelated effect using piezoelectric crystals and magnetic fluids. The problem with genetic construction of flying machines is that it must be a composite single element design and nature never explores the more exotic relationships that are possible. Entire industries have been established based on gas propulsion and the flight of birds. It is certainly refined, but the basic idea is just a copy of nature's existing structures with some embellishment.

The image is from some finite element analysis using python and displayed with ParaView, which is available from the debian repositories. I think it comes from Sandia.

ipython -scipy

It is obvious to me that a vast number of new technologies are possible and that current designs have stagnated. It does surprise me that the iron horse is still a common form of material movement in this age. Ship design is even more antiquated IMHO.

I am getting tired of solving the "einstein" game, but I wanted real data to use as a test. I am having more fun learning about matplotlib features than playing the game.

I have added so many features to the graph that it conveys no information whatsoever. Perhaps just current and average would be good enough. I wonder what I gain by looking at the data this way except that it is pretty and signifies nothing. I suppose the gain is that I learned how to use matplotlib.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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