The many faces of matter

I was looking at a wide variety of molecular level machines and effects. Piezo is one of the easiest to play with. Also Magneto-crystalline anisotropy and a free software package Gromacs. It occurred to me that the tidal effects of the moon would produce an electrical field in crystalline materials in the earth's crust and thus produce a signal that could be measured and analyzed. Conversely, the moon would certainly produce some signals, though the wavelength might be VERY long.

I wonder if the magnetic and electrical changes in planets due to conformal changes could actually be measured at a distance to identify structure deep inside the planets? Since crystals are influenced by heat, light , pressure, magnetics, and electric fields, it would seem that long time frame analysis would reveal some patterns in the sub structure of the planet. I would think that period would be 28 days and I am not aware of any studies that model data on such a large time frame.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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