Skunk work

Goa'uld from the Stargate show were parasites that supposedly took over the brains of humans and other species. I would say that the technology is feasible with recent developments. It wouldn't even require a snake in the head as Richard Dean Anderson called them. It is fairly obvious to me that it could be done and that minor changes could completely subvert the "will" of the person. The lighted eyes is probably the bluetooth indicator ( chuckle). In any case, it is reasonable to assume that any organism could be completely subverted and as a consequence, each organism that they had contact with. It has been an episode of Star Trek several times as well as books and movies. It is considered "possession" in religious history. I would say that it could even be introduced as an inheritable trait in DNA. There is no reason that it would have to be silicon or biological. It does seem to present some very odd consequences if someone were to implement such a thing. There is an article on the ethics of it, but is that a dumb question if the ethics is changed by the chip?

It is a very slippery slope. I could see that having an Internet connection in one's head could be an advantage. It seems inevitable that something odd will happen because it implies advantage in a biological sense as well as survival. The implants of the Borg implied some kind of loss of individual will to the collective and perhaps this is the consequence. I wonder how long a person could survive individually on a Borg planet? It seems that it could be the ultimate identity theft. I would guess that a tin foil hat would hardly be any protection. It does present some odd possibilities to experience the world as a dolphin, monkey, squirrel , skunk or squid might perceive it. It really presents some odd potential consequences. If it is possible to override the intent of a person to force them to be truthful about committing a crime and also completely possible to change that intent, would the person simply be "chipped" for acting on "bad" thoughts. It is really a mess because it gets into what is good and evil and there is no valid way to define evil without identity and will.

It would seem that perhaps the planet is becoming a "borganism" simply because this is how it evolves. There are many things in the universe that are likely to be vastly more complex than our simple structure and singularity is having a very odd effect on the nature of things. This is just one aspect of an infinitely complex system and each part influences in a factorial way. No prediction is possible.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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