Electrolysis in fields

I don't normally search Google with ideas because what you search become what is known and when you inadvertently combine something that is useful it can be a question that is an answer. However, I decided to search for electrolysis with magnetic fields as I assumed that somebody had already thunk of it. Interestingly enough it was done for the defense department in 1975. The best information I found that wasn't paywalled is in Canada on electrochemistry at University of Waterloo.. It does seem that magnetic fields in combination with other effects would allow some level of etching and deposition at the atomic level. The reference at Waterloo seems the best start as it goes from the Maxwell's equations and that is where I would start and make a field analysis to see what variants were possible. Faraday before 1867, ExB 1922

He established that magnetism could affect rays of light and that there was an underlying relationship between the two phenomena

I am not exactly sure why pre-science is paywalled since it is a property of the universe in a way like space since there is no longer any identifiable entity associated with its biological selection. I am guessing that this knowledge is at least 30,000 years old as it was assumed that ancient Egyptians had "Voltaic" piles and I put that in quotes as Volta did not exist until some thousands of years later. There are some odd things that can be done because there are fields everywhere and the combination of biochemical and nanotechnology can produce even more unusual effects.

My personal interest was the creation of nanometer fine structure in layers that composed circuits and active elements in 3D for an electro - optic - gravitational circuit. There are some interesting videos on YouTube that demonstrate some of the effects. I am now wondering what happens when I drop the material below -77C with a superconductor in a Naglene vacuum chamber with transverse ultrasound, laser light and incident UV. Why exactly is a book that is free being offered for sale elsewhere when you can get it and read it at the Internet archive?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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