New Guild Technology

Versions of old papers that go back to the time of Newton are available. HERE.

This is a trick I use to connect to things that have no easy way to hook a clip on probe. I use the tiny magnets from old cell phones which stick to the terminals and the clip.

It also works to connect batteries in series as well.

Quarter watt resistors allow access to plugs.

Now this is the device it is controlling.

And this is the target circuit that is being manipulated.

Energy has no preferred place in the universe and neither does matter. It can't be created or destroyed and it can be converted from matter to energy. Momentum is the thing that is position dependent obviously as it is M and V which means it is a place and a vector that are joined. Like Bremsstrahlung , it requires a place to put the momentum when you shift matter and energy. It is also possible to extract Gravitational potential energy and apply it to the same matter as a vector away from the Gravity well. It also requires that you deal with the momentum as something has to absorb the momentum for it to work. I can move energy anywhere I want as it has no preferred location and it can then become matter where it arrives as well.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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