Virtual Teleport

I was considering the conversion of images to 3D and how it can be made to interact with an environment and the fact that a person can then navigate a virtual world which corresponds to a real place such as the Champ Elysees in Paris. If a laptop were on a bench it could include the people there in the virtual world and you could speak to them as if you were there. It would be a virtual world correspondent who could gather local news in Tripoli or Moscow at the level of a person on the street as if they were there and it would only require an internet connection and the V3D software. A person could interview people at the scene of any event as if they were there and insert their image in the scene without the delay or expense of traveling to that specific spot. A reporter could be on the scene as soon as the first person showed up with a cell phone or laptop.

I assume that some places have already implemented something similar, but it could be a personal news network that operated on the smallest of budgets. MIT, Stanford, UCLA, UNC, Berkeley and others have done the 3D modeling software.

Considering the number of cameras that populate the world now, they could be used to communicate instead of state sponsored voyeurism. "This is motey reporting virtually live from Paris and the moon simultaneously." "The recent impact from a small asteroid can be seen there and video of the impact at the link. Virtual moon residents were petitioning the moon government to do something about these 'Terror Asteroids'. It is currently 373°K but prepare for a cold snap as it may reach 220°K during the night, which is 14 Earth days long. Details at 10"

I suppose it requires some different terminology to describe the DAY / NIGHT on other worlds, rather than "14 Earth days".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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