Bent time

I was working on creating a room temperature superconductor and doing some research into what is already known of the compounds and systems to verify that my theory could explain every instance of superconducting and perhaps suggest some new types of effects. The data was at least coherent with my theory, though existing theory is not comprehensive. I have no doubt that I can make room temperature and above superconductors. It is a natural consequence of understanding the complete universe. I happened upon the relationship of spheres used to measure gravity and I was not aware of how the GRACE worked or if it uses this mechanism. It seems very elegant and I am certainly impressed that it was devised. I am referring to Gravity Probe B at Stanford. There is so much more to be known and even as I dive deeper into the atom, it has many surprises in the complexity there.

I see that the "Dark Master" got a Nobel prize or perhaps I misread that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen