A universe of oddness

I have been looking at various aspects of cosmology and I have to admit that there is basis for dark matter. Cosmology is mainly an observational and computational system and does not necessarily follow easily from universal physical principles. It implies something that I came to realize about "normal" matter. The universe is more odd than anyone dares to suspect. The possible arrangements of matter are more numerous than what is measurable in the near vicinity. We only consider the matter of which we are composed to be normal because of our perspective. It poses another problem to travel about the universe. I have considered that matter can take some unusual forms by design and I would say that what is possible is far more than I first suspected. There are forms of matter that should never exist on this planet, that should not be constructed. The technology is not advanced enough to produce these things, but I suspect that within a few years it will become obvious what is taking place in the nucleus of the atom and all the clues are there. It just takes a unique way of ordering the data.

There always seems to be some unlimited energy scam going on in pseudo physics. There is a way to tap the nuclear energy cleanly, but it also implies the creation of a by product that is far more dangerous than radioactive decay, which is pretty damn bad by itself. Rushing to an application of the potentials is dangerous when engaged on the surface of a blue marble, with no where to run.

I only studied dark matter in a cursory way and now that I have looked at the data more closely would have to say that it holds water. Several things are wrong with the big picture and how it is interpreted, but if more things become coherent and understandable, it will lead to a complete new set of problems and questions, as it always does. The structure of normal matter is no mystery at all to me. The universe does present information that leads me to believe that matter can take forms that have yet to be observed and categorized. So I must admit that the Dark Master does exist and has his evil fingers in almost everything. I have observed some things in my experimenting that I passed off as delusional because they could not possibly be true, but it does seem that there definitely are forms of matter that might have no third dimension of any significance and they may have already been observed and dismissed as I did.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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