Address of Infinity (AI)

I was considering a sound to midi application and realized that a technique similar to what I use with objects or ( what Roger Alsing does with genetic algorithms ) could be applied. A successive approximation by primitive construction and comparison to the original. In this case it would be sine wave primitives I suppose and for 3D objects I use a constructed object in blender or gimp for flats and some personal stuff for OCR.

I was also planning trips to space and realized that nomenclature is the same old shit that happens when empires name things as if they own them. I think that an IP address makes more sense considering there are 10 billion billion billion things to keep track of. It would have to be temporally moderated, but that can also be an address. So I could start in context at Motey Spider 3 on Moon 1 of Planet 3 of Sun 1 within Galaxy 1 of Universe 1 at T=14.000.000-14.000.001BY. I get tired of everything being named after a person that doesn't care if they are honored as they are already dead. It has no coherence or association that leads from one to the next. Very wasteful of cognitive space. Hello Nat=T14B:U1:G1:S1:P3:M1:R2;


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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