Casimir Effect

In the search for a solution to transverse relativity drive I have been looking at zero point energy, Van Der Waals, original experiments, quantum effects and the duality of energy matter and waves as it applies to systems. Energy is relative to systems of course as velocity is relative and the energy of a system is dependent on the relation of its parts and their resolution. There seems be a lot of pseudoscience about the concept of ZPE and so I would like to resolve it to an extended quantum like model. There is never any question that a process can be modeled by its equation though that does not explain origins. I could say that G is (Gm1m21/r^2) but that would not explain why gravity existed or how it operated or was changed by even velocity. It is a static equation of gravity. There are only a few terms that combine to produce relationships and they are L M Q T. They do interact in some odd ways, but they are the only basic elemental relationships. This does also relate to Hanbury Brown and Twiss effect. It isn't as straight forward as many might suggest.

From MIT physics.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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