Terminal factorial time

Wired had an article on Quantum mechanics that requires some study to understand. I also have a problem with exponential time fields that I was studying for some advantage. It is the fact that at some remote point in space, somebody or something is experiencing our past. In that same way we are experiencing their past. It would seem that a trade would be advantageous to both. I am phrasing it as an exchange between cultures, but it applies in some absolute technology sense also. We see a black hole which existed 12 billion years ago surrounded by an ocean and what do other stars and galaxies see of our history? There are questions about our past and the evolution of the solar system, and yet the exact data is available and being played out for every currently existing system at and before 4 billion light years distant.

I am trying to determine how the factorial interaction of those data sets could be coordinated to provide actual fact instead of historical conjecture. We know for certain what took place in a particular slice of time from our perspective and this overlaps in an infinite number of ways with data in the entire universe. It could be presumed that any intelligent race would realize this fact and could offer a trade of information which benefits everybody. I would suspect that the first life that existed in the universe would have grasped this concept and that temporal interchange would be common. It has such a great advantage as it provides an infinite scale more information than the single slice of time that we experience.

There is something in the model that twists my imagination. There is a clue to the entire structure of the universe just sitting there. Certainly the universe has existed for 10 billion years before our wondrous ancestor Archaea even existed. Ten billion years of factorial expansion of technology would be far more interesting than what little we have learned since the advent of Internet exponentiation. No doubt it is there and it upsets me that I can't see what should be obvious.

A culture could lie about what they see, but what would be the point? If I get a million reports from a temporal interaction at 1,000 years prior and one or many are lies, it would imply that the agent transmitting that lie was certainly insane to believe that any single source of invalid information would have any significance. The entire set is a coherent fact and relating facts that cannot be coherent is pointless and that is insanity personified. There is much more to this, but this is the gist. Something is in the mist and I am beginning to see a form.

Considering that all living things are time lords, it is only obvious that extending that temporal perspective to the speed of light is the dominant strategy. If I have 14 billion years of anecdotal information about the entire universe from every perspective it is very simple to resolve the pattern. It is far more effective to have the pattern of action of the Earth from its inception to the present. It does not guarantee anything, but it does establish a better approximation of what might be expected in the future. If life exists in the universe it is unimaginable that they would not recognize this fact and all that proceeds from the realization. If trial and error has taken people from the stone age in a few million years, this technique would take us to the stars and back in an instant in perspective. If there is no intelligent life in the entire universe, then it is ours to own, but the odds of that are really slim. It is a reasonable assumption that somewhere there is other life and they would solve for this and begin the dialogue. I do think that NAK NAK protocol is a reasonable start and I can't help but suspect that the answer is already there and I am just not getting it. It is as simple as a mirror becoming a laser and yet it eludes me for the moment. We would have to look very foolish on close inspection to miss this large a gain while somebody patents hand gestures. You can't patent or control , retroactively , that which leaves at the speed of light. I must conclude that this is already the second singularity about to arrive and what follows that is beyond my guessing. Is technology developed by aliens a billion years ago considered "prior art".

It is just completely beyond my imagination that humans are the very first and only inhabitants in the universe after 14 billion years and a billion*billion stars and vast endless space between them as well as infinity factorial factorial possibilities of interaction. It must be a fairly simple thing I am missing and it is possible to access n-time if one has some kind of idea of what to look for. The spectral data of stars and space provides some reasonable guess, but there is an infinitely larger source that is simply ignored. The amount of data is huge and there are patterns in patterns and it is obvious that something is there, but perhaps I will have to devise a software to help me see it. It is a noise like many that plague me when I look at a system and it is perhaps a symptom of an idiot savant that it happens that way. It is similar to "Rain Man" except I don't count sticks or cards. I see all the relationships all at once and there is a deep fact buried in the data that keeps poking me, but I have no frame of reference to grasp what it means. Consider what type of technology might exist if a culture advanced for 10 billion years without restriction and then how similar would it be to what we presently understand. I am guessing there is something that follows from the immediate revelation of the infinite interconnect that produces yet another turn into another infinity. I really need a tool that emulates this parallel interact at a higher complexity. I have an idea for a design, but I hate to waste computational real estate if I am not sure it will recognize a pattern I can understand, even if it does find it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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