The tears of time

It is computable to extract all information in the universe that exists in the past from existing databases. I have done some analysis of the data before for spectral analysis and it yields some solutions, but there is a way to access the entire light speed hypercone as a solid from present to the beginning of the universe, if such a thing exists. It is the premise of the Big Bang that the universe began some umteen billion years ago and there is no data that suggests to my satisfaction that this is completely valid. This technique should solve that issue once and completely for me. If it is a tear drop shaped hyper cone then I will accept that it is so and it will give me a limited computation set to resolve some other facts about the structure. It is of course not a real 4 or 5 dimensional hyper cone, it is a logical model that matches the perception of time.

It may provide me with indication of any communication that is embedded in the structure. It raises other issues again and great effect can do great damage.

Star Trek:
Replicator, 10% solution Cocaine and a syringe.
Replicator, itching powder.
Replicator, cat poop.
Replicator, Yersinia Pestis
Replicator, alien baby
Replicator, 10 kilos anti-matter
Replicator, Replicator, ,,,,

If one made a replicator, it would seem that such utility would be very dangerous in the hands of the ordinary human child or adult. My understanding is that it would have no limit on the type and structure of matter it would produce, only the total mass. I am certain it could be devised with what I already know. It would certainly have complexity limits , but simple compounds that provide nutrition are more complex than most poisons. I can go into the lab and specify a DNA sequence and have a machine or system create a billion copies of it in very short order for a few pennies cost. I can certainly have a prototype drawn from UV resins as well as lathed or rep rap'd. So it is not that unusual and even what already exists can be dangerous to apply in the wrong fashion, so I am confused as to whether everybody should have all knowledge, just because it seems logical that giving a phaser to a baby would be fairly dangerous to the baby as well as anybody else.

You might think that living in space is ridiculous, but it seems to me that I would rather have light speed distances between me and some people that I do not trust at all, not to order the replicator to cover the planet with cat poop just for giggles. It seems to me that the only way that any culture can survive technology is to run as fast as they can and never look back until they are well out of the range of most everybody else and then you really have to consider how much you trust that person to your right. It isn't a need to explore that should drive space travel, it should be an absolute stark raving fear of what goes on in the human mind.

Look at spiders. They live solitary lives because they are designed to be deadly and they are not a social insect. Ants can be social insects because of their limited effect. People may enjoy the social aspect of closeness, but I think that those who live like spiders hidden between stars in the dark, may be the only ones to survive the second singularity. So guess what that implies if we are not the first life in the universe.

Life only exists because it plays the odds against death by multiplicity. I am serious about this, without some light speed space between people with advanced technology, the odds are very thin for any long term survival.

Star Trek:
Replicator, Terminator


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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