Prosecuting the dead

Recent studies on brain science suggest that it is generally possible to make a person lie or tell the truth. I don't doubt that this is possible as it must be a binary decision to commit to any complex action. A nerve to the hand can be cut and you can't close your hand anymore. Some things are binary in effect and others are amorphous. I would doubt they could accurately control the type of lie, but certainly trigger a lie or truth. It presents real problems for everybody if such a technology is common. It would certainly put a real crimp in double agents, politicians, lawyers, con artists, and mechanism of state. I would certainly let myself be subjected to it if everybody enforcing it was willing to comply first and be held accountable, as well as determined to be sane. I suppose what is the real issue that is important is what is "wrong". The big problem I see with speaking the truth might well be that telling the truth is the crime they want to punish. It seems very much like a witch hunt if the Inquisitor is excluded from sanity check as well as veracity. Perhaps it is not so good as even if somebody tells the truth as they understand it, they may be so deluded as to actually conclude something which is utterly incorrect. Memory can be corrupt. Maybe we need an(sic) mental ECC circuit.

The spoofing of typo domains is another interesting trick. The trouble is that computers can't be as easily forced to tell the truth.

Strange days indeed and I am sure the strangest are yet to arrive. Perhaps we should wake the dead and determine how good they were. I think the problem now is that the people who run the lie detectors are lying about the truth and like any logic circuit, the output is dependent on the proper functioning of all the parts.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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