Spider mouse

I have a new use for old optical mice. Since they respond to changes in the image they see and detect movement and direction, I am making a little USB bot that crawls about in small places like vents. It has to be a centimeter or more for this version, but I can pull the caps and go LCC at about 2 mm. By adding some very thin wire it can travel in the vents and various other places and just remain still until something changes and then I know that something has moved and I can capture it or do whatever. I also have infrared camera chips that operate at that centimeter scale and I can use them to clean out clogged sewer lines . The magnets from hard drives make a good solid magnetic field and allow movement with very little energy expended. I have modified it to use an external 5V supply so that I can use more energy at the point of operation. I suppose I will see how far the USB can go before it degrades in the cable. I bet I could make a USB extender repeater in the cable using a broadband amplifier. I am thinking that USB is okay for the protocol as it interfaces with existing drivers. It will probably be necessary to make a Linux kernel module to get the most functionality out of a complete design.

The world gets stranger every day. It is possible to put integrated circuit right in the skin like a tattoo and make skin from spiderwebs. I was looking for pictures of an integrated circuit as a spider and ran across Google+ systems and I would say that is better than Fecesbook® since Google already knows everything I am and what I know, which is very little. Here is a link into the other side of the world, time, being, and many other things.


mirae said...

ah you mad professor, those mice sound flexible enough for the pet market and that is fascinating about the skin but I don't think I would want to wear it, I will stick to sheep skin etc. haha much less grow it.

see you soon.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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