The nude bomb

It was an old Maxwell Smart movie, but it would seem that availability of the technology makes it a possible paparazzi scheme . It is possible to scan from a distance and I just wonder why some enterprising person has not already done it. Once data is available it is virtually impossible to erase it from the internet. I thought about nude stick figures and when I googled it, that idea has been done to death. Even by me long ago.

I would say that it even possible with current technology to identify whether "cosmetic enhancements" are used in the production of cultural icons. I am wondering how long it will be before thz nudes of every politician and world leader are available on the Internet, if it isn't already so. The pubescent dream of "xray glasses" may be a reality. It is certainly possible and I would suppose now that they have designed the equipment to do this for the TSA, it will only be a matter of time before it is abused. IDK, it would not bother me if everybody was naked , but it would be a bit of a problem when temperatures reach 40 below. It certainly has medical use in the identification of internal structure without MRI, but I really wonder how safe it is. I seem to recall that the downfall of the Roman empire was partly due to the fact that they liked using lead for water pipes and that has a very bad effect on neurological development. I think it is the mad hatter syndrome.


Paul Mohr said...

I thought you had moved to a more interesting parallel dimension. I hope the organic solution works out.

mirae said...

Hi Paul, I never know what parallel I will hear from you in this blog.
Thanks for the note.
Well my organic bed is too hard, but I will purchase their expensive mattress cover.
consumer exploitation to its finest degree. ahaha.
I heard today that a particle of matter was discovered to pass faster than the speed of light which would poke holes in Einsteen's theory. haha. I thought of you because I haven't really discussed this with anyone else.
you probably heard about this and it may be error. anyway not to waste too much time on any theory. haha.

Paul Mohr said...

I heard about the neutrino thing at LHC and it is another of those things to keep themselves in the news. I think they already waffled on it.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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