Lazy Lawnmover Man

I was planning to put electric start on my lawnmower and realized that I could use my electric drill to rotate the pulley drive mechanism , if I used a ratchet system to engage it. What happens next is a very good principle. It is that extension into time and space that is the great advantage of the mind. I started by thinking that I could just put the socket on my drill and engage the drive with the wheels up. Then I wondered what happens next and realized that if it started, it would start moving very fast in the same direction as the drill was turning and as a result would probably rip my wrist apart or certainly damage something in my bio-mechanical framework. If it could only exchange force in one direction , it would avoid that problem.

Many things are designed because they are economic models. Companies will not design and build products that don't have profit in the structure. I have been working on gravity circuits and they are easier to manufacture than electronic circuits and use vastly less energy as they do not radiate electromagnetic energy. They can be clocked at low speed to their maximum potential. A company like Intel will not design and deliver a product that they cannot control.

I will eventually deliver all the CAD to do gravity circuits easily from scratch as well as the other designs. I have been experimenting with plasma deposition ( using a microwave ) and point electron milling using a Tesla generator along with a CNC framework using printer motors. It cuts the conductive layer by thermal vaporization again in the path between two electrodes in a vacuum. The vacuum is necessary to avoid thermal and ion paths through the gas that reduce resolution of effect.

It does seem odd to me that auto manufacturers have not done what others have done by having a standard wheel or alternator and even body design. Obviously they want to stop innovation for profit and that is the biggest problem with a system designed to inappropriately reward individuals at the great loss to humanity as a whole. The system gain in a more rational arrangement would profit even the inventor more, but they fail to see the big picture, like a monkey with his hand in a small mouth jar clutching a cookie, he doesn't consider what happens next.

I may just put an eternal combustion engine on the lawnmower as it doesn't need a starter, but then I am lazy and I have miles to go before the universe sleeps. I will probably couple the motor where the pull starter engages, as it already has a ratchet system for that very reason. Two cycle engines are so crappy, noisy, wasteful , and poorly designed. Perhaps I should just buy a cow.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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