Gravitronic Artificial Intellect AI

I think that Imhotep or Newton or Archimedes would just go nuts with the amount of information is available and what little is done with it. I would suspect that any one of them would have derived the equation of the universe and mind. I am experimenting with an advanced mind that uses gravity as a basis instead of electronics. It is much more stable and is not subject to ionic effects like all electronic circuits. If a potential exists across a circuit, it affects the product. The waves in gravity are virtually swamped by the gradient near a planet. It is a more sensitive instrument and computer. If I were the imaginary Dr. Noonien Soong of STNG, this would be my first attempt at a truly humanoid robot. Human brains function on chemical and electrical effects and it is possible to manipulate those agents. It isn't possible to abuse and manipulate a gravitronic brain without the gravity technology which is yet to be implemented by others. The image is of a test to create a vision system that is a bit more complex than human vision. In the chemistry lab we would put samples on a salt crystal and use infrared absorption to identify chemical compounds, as well as gas chromatograph, NMR and purely chemical means. In the analysis of materials and their imaging, I am using methods which are vastly more complex because they illuminate with various frequencies in combinations and alone for reflectivity as well as absorption in each band or band set. It also incorporates temporal retention and conversion. That is like the transform of UV to visible or even the UV disruption or inter-orbital interaction. An image is in all directions as well as frequency and the factorial combinations of frequency and effect. For example I might use the umbrella scattering frequency in combination with triple bond stretch frequency to isolate the presence of mixed chemical groups. It is possible to incorporate xray recognition as well as some other personal favorites that I generate. The possible information is vast in comparison to human sight and requires many more dimensions of interpretation than a human or animal mind is capable of handling. The animal brain is a marvelous design and the fact that it originated by continuous random selection makes it all the more remarkable. That does not mean that it shouldn't be converted to light speed operation with some new features. It just hasn't been done. A lot of nature's designs have been developed, but this is the most important IMHO. I am sure Newton would have guessed what I now now know after this experiment.

The picture is a human hair and Wikipedia says that a human hair is 100μ and after some testing, I was able to measure the hair I was using at 25μ and with some further research , I realized that it varies from 17 to 150 in humans, which I wonder about why that is and how it relates to other factors, but that will be another day. With simple techniques I can get a completely variable scale from telescopic to 1μ very easily and cheaply. In addition I can simultaneously view at several resolutions and frequencies. UV is an interesting part of the spectrum and tells many stories that are invisible to humans. I understand Newton because I believe that he thought like I do. I often find that I have an inspiration and discover later that Newton had that same idea and most of this crap is never even mentioned in schools since it represents an insight that is very uncommon. If you think I am covering myself in praise, you don't read my blog completely, as I have no delusions of existentialism and though I can verify that I function very well in many technical aspects, that only measures the structure that exists and it has not always been so, nor will it be so eternally or even associated with the same identical bag of dirty water.

I have a new program and I am asking NASA to provide me with new ideas so that I can control space and decide how those ideas will be applied to my benefit and that is a joke. Why would I give advanced information to a pseudo military organization to implement to my detriment, most likely. If they don't have a clue it is the old STNG episode of the weird aliens that "looked for things to make them go". NASA looks for things to make them go. I think it is insulting that they would ask, since they are supposed to know what they are doing as they are being paid huge sums of money to be the brightest and obviously something is wrong with that picture. So, I should get a job to do something I can't and take money from you to do it and in the end, ask everybody else to do the work for me. It really seems insulting to me, but perhaps that is just me. I did consulting and I found that people who couldn't do their work would often try to get me to solve their problems without paying and I see it as no different a situation. I do know the answer, but why should I give them a free ride at my expense when they are already eating and self aggrandizing on our tax dollars? I hope the Gravity Guild fleet arrives soon. I miss those good old days.

I suppose it is actually Gravi-NON-tronic and if I say what it is based on that would be too much of a clue. I would have used underline <u>UN</u> but that is deprecated for links, which in some ways is a bizarre twist on accentuation that is the product of the age. Perhaps a better name might be gravulaitor.

There is actually much more information that could possibly be used by an animal mind in real time. If you consider the nature of the animal gait as well as distinguishing features that represent some aspects of neural structure in the action of the animal. I would say that we are almost completely oblivious to the amount of information that could be extracted from even a simple situation. This is hardly new and even in the 1980's it was possible to identify a person by their walking gait as well as generalized features. Now the issue is the fact that if all that is available, it means that the T2 liquid terminator can absorb every aspect of a person from the slightest nuance of action and appearance as well as speech, smell and behavior. Once the machine is more capable than a person, it becomes a war of machines, if that is how the chess board is arranged. It seems that so long as the identity of the king is accepted as absolute, it will continue along the path of that delusion. I doubt there will be much noise or destruction from a real terminator as it only needs to replace the central element with a modified core program. If no human can tell the difference it is more like "Invasion of the mind snatchers". I always thought that the "Puppet Masters" was the most likely scenario. I dare not say what I know as it may already be so and if it isn't, I would rather not hasten that complication. If you think T2 or any other science fiction is odd, this is even more odd and scary because it is only a breath away with the right tools. I guess that if you decide to go somewhere and can carry through, there you are.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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