Is it a straight edge

I was wondering about a solution I had for trisecting or rather any-secting an angle, which is supposedly impossible. It occurred to me that a compass is hardly different than a straight edge, except that it allows a person to set a length. It could be done with knots or pencil marks or anything that retains information in bonded sequence with a small modulus of elasticity. I suppose I must have to admit it is a new design and the USPTO could issue a patent on "stick with memory" to some unknown Sumerian. Since Microsoft bought that patent and the courts have decided to extend patents to the dawn of time, we must pay or guess. Perhaps in their day a compass was considered a classroom teaching aid and when they took tests they were not allowed to bring their compass as it had memory and would be considered similar to taking a calculator to a math test.

At my company , people are not allowed to cheat. You may have had cheating tools in school, but here at this company we only have long unmarked sticks and expect you to design this aircraft honestly without cheating. If you go to the library and Google the Wright Brothers, you will be fired! Don't even dream ( dreaming was patented by Disney ) of doing Navier-Stokes on a computer. Don't think you can get away with using "parallax" to measure stuff by rocking back and forth, as Apple owns that patent.

I thought of a science fiction story I call the "Alien Insiders " that have a secret lab inside or outside the Earth where they live out the ice ages and wipe the face of the Earth during ice ages to collect technology and introduce it again in stages during the warming period just to be the ultimate patent holders on all information and technology. They know everybody will freeze and starve eventually anyway when the Earth turns cold. I suppose it could even be a space faring race that left long ago and they trigger the moon dust to occlude the Earth every 100 thousand years or so to harvest all technology and then return to space. It may not have happened in the past, I could be remembering the future. Eventually the moon recollects its dust by gravity sweeping its orbit and they have light and heat to do their work. Okay this time lets do the Dinosaurs again as that was cool! Oh motey, you always say that! One of these cycles they are going to catch on and realize that you already know all the answers before hand and are cheating and you know exactly what Imhotep did, because you taught him. I want to do dolphin-squid-mammals with hands this time. I think it will work and if they get too smart, we can always trigger the moon early by using the backup Tesla and Van de Graaff generator to charge the moon and expel the dust using ion accelerators to fill its orbital path. Okay, we will do Jupiter again this time too, but we really need a new way to clean the lab ware that is faster.

Parrando's paradox as applied to economics is interesting and the Markov chain that leads me between this post and that is interesting in itself.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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