After Identity (AI)

An odd thing has become apparent from physics. It suggests very strongly that there will be a complete collapse of governments in the world within about 10 years. It isn't like a collapse to anarchy, it is a collapse due to lack of utility and underlying principles. If I can recognize the seeds of it, it has already been identified by someone else or will be soon. The continual recombination of ideas to generate new ideas doesn't require a PHD in anything. It is simply trial and error or combination and analysis. There is a factorial expansion of possible combinations which could allow some insight or be useful.

Any creature can recognize the principle of trial and error, but I suppose that humans have a lot of time on their hands to just play about with everything, unless they are hunting each other for entertainment. It is a short term situation and it would seem reasonable that we are entering a time that fades to an ice age. There is no solid science as to why that would happen, but the fossil record of temperate to time as seen in ice cores seems to reveal a very regular pattern of oscillating temperature. It is as good a guess as any as it is just pure projection of a known data set. Without a discernible causative agent it is merely conjecture.

In the case of collapse of governance, that is inevitable and not based on any conjecture or projection. It follows from the principles of the universe. I have no idea whether it is bad or good in some metaphysical way, or even if their really is such a thing as bad or good in an absolute sense. I am not suggesting decay to anarchy, in fact completely to the contrary. It is just one of those things like trial and error that don't make themselves obvious until they are once identified and applied. It is just another stone shaping technique discovered by a bored monkey that works so well that everybody does it. You know what they say: "Dolphin see, Dolphin do".

If an object is projected at some velocity in some direction and not acted on by some other force, will it vary from its path in projection? It would have to violate conversation to do so, it would seem. Newton's hat would short out, I suspect. If I wear Newton's hat, am I Newton or myself. I suppose it is neither, one, or both depending on whatever rule you would like to use to establish a rule of sets. In a universe where everything is infinite, sets of "objects" is merely a logical distinction and is not universal at all. Some things are universal in their character, but not that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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