The Grand Scheme of things

I was thinking about doing a solver for the game maze, which is part of gnome games. KDE games is a very different animal and gnome games is very connected to scheme and in fact the games are implemented in scheme. I would seem fitting that a solver be implemented in scheme also. It uses a single XML ( SVG) file for the card images and I modified that just for fun and to understand how it is used. I would like to think that I am a great scheme wizard, but sadly that is not true. I am always adjusting my ego to meet reality as it seems that adjusting my talent to meet my ego would be impossible. I see how to make a solver as a tree that is weighted, but that seems a bit clumsy as I know from experience that it has these odd corner cases that somehow slip into the infinite and crash. If a bio mind can do it, I need a bio mind solution, so that is what I am considering today.

With respect to physics and the universe, it seems that I am correct and the structure of the universe is very much different than what is assumed. This particular thing is mine to know. I would say that there is no other person on this planet that has an understanding of the universe as it really exists. Einstein was wrong in several aspects and so as a consequence, every person who ascribes to an understanding based on acceptance of those principles is also wrong by rote.

It opens a new and vast area of information about the universe and given the data bases that exist already, it only requires a bit of reinterpretation to determine what is really going on. It is as bizarre as the old idea that the world was flat and it is certainly as pivotal. It is a fact that the entire planet is filled with physicists that accept and adhere to a principle that is very much like the flat world hypothesis. It is certainly a vastly more convolved delusion, but still a delusion. It was recognized by some that the Earth was round as long ago as 300 BC and it was nearly 1800 years later before it was realized to be a fact. The followers of The Dark Master dark matter will not be dissuaded from their path by any argument as they have accepted it as rote. I am sure that in ancient times, very few people even considered the logic that would have let them understand the shape of the Earth, even though they could cross a great desert and see the curvature. It is not by logical deduction that 99.999999% of the people determine the nature of the universe, but by a web of trust. That is fine, so long as those you trust are correct. For my own sake, I need to make some pudding as proof and devise a device that is impossible, which can be fabricated and demonstrate what is taking place in terms of time and space distortion. I have always found it to be very confusing and paradoxical to accept physics as it is taught in the universities. That is because it is incorrect. It is so cunningly incorrect that it is entrancing. It is so much easier to understand when all the paradoxes are resolved. I only wish I had more skill in applying the knowledge. It is much like my scheme skills, I grasp how it is done, but I could almost program it faster in assembly language for RISC or CISC because that is how I first learned.

It is a vast new landscape of understanding and opens the universe to observation and inhabitation in the same way that realizing that there is no edge to the Earth. The new continents of space await. I don't quite understand all the implications of this as it isn't just the certain knowledge of basis , but the translation of data. It is the English measure and metric universe that confuses me and I suppose I have to make a program that translates all the data. I would expect that I will discover something very odd in all this when I can resolve to detail.

This is certainly odd in its own right. Just by looking at this I see there are some things that could make it much more effective. I would guess that it could be miniaturized or maximized, reminds me a bit of the walkers in Star Wars, except those were easy to trip. I guess fiction is designed to make people feel more powerful than they are.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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