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So it is fairly obvious that Heisenberg, Einstein, and Hubble were all wrong in some way and right in many others. That is the nature of resolving complex problems. It could be viewed as a global MIN/MAX in some bizarre landscape of reality, or any one of a number of analogies. I will say that with little doubt that dark matter and dark energy are not any real thing in this universe that relates to a universal force or new type of matter or energy. I can also say with some certainty that the universe is most certainly infinite, whatever that means. Infinity is like forever, it is something that is beyond all comprehension and resolution in its scope. It implies something by its very existence, however. There is little doubt that life exists elsewhere and no doubt that they may have existed for times that are beyond comprehension. Once the first pieces fall, it isn't long before the others make themselves clear. It seems very petty that in a universe that is infinite and unending, that its inhabitants must destroy and thrash about to support their favorite meme or DNA. Recently someone demonstrated neural circuits can be replaced by electronic circuits. It seems obvious to me that abstract "being" and physicality are even more convolved concepts and that most everybody has it wrong. It is certainly more complex than the nature of the universe itself. There are mixed concepts everywhere and absolutely no rational consensus on any path that resolves concepts that may not even exist.

There is no doubt that Einstein had some great talent that I do not understand. He did not resolve all the factors in a complete framework and perhaps he would have done so when all the new factors were observed. Newton may have solved it also or Galileo with what is now known. The strangest consequence is the fact that I am very certain that the universe is effectively infinite and thus extends in time beyond any limit that I could imagine. It is easy enough to prove if the experiment is right, but I don't need that for my purposes. It is one thing to say that life here is 1 in 1020 , and quite another to say that life here is 1 in ∞. I can see how it is difficult, as I struggled with the various seemingly impossible relationships for 50 years before I understood the relationships and even then it is only a guide to understanding as things drift into complexities and infinities in their interactions.

It is clear to me that matter transmission, replication at the atomic level, gravitational travel, human like electronic minds, molecular control of DNA expression and stability, virtually unlimited energy, neutrino communication, and many other things are certainly constructible. So, what happens next. It seems very obvious that communication is possible, it is just a matter of discovering how it is implemented. It seems to imply a solution in the data that exists, with the means at my disposal. So that is my next riddle to solve. Connecting to the Infinet.

ADDED: I just read this blip at Wired on the Dark Master, and I have no dispute about gravitational distortion, but they are misinterpreting something and calling it "The Dark Master". I was just thinking that somebody must actually know what I know and be concealing it. I thought it was impossible to be confused about this in such a grand way. Whoever did this test was interpreting the red shift properly, I assume, as I have no doubt that δG changes f. I know about COBE and WMAP, which is certainly indicative by itself, but this Lambda-CDM theory referenced at Wikipedia is just wrong ( incomplete and distorted ). I realized something else while reading the Wikipedia article on ACDM that had been bothering me and now it bothers me even more. It is a physics that accepts paradox and that is not my kind of pudding. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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