Sub space phones

I was looking into various things like GRB and quantum gravity and string theory and following a course on quantum Qbits that is free and I am considering all this in light ( no pun intended ) of the fact that I solved another piece of the universe puzzle. I am also studying ARM cpus and mobile phone communications and micro-sd. I was aware of cell technology 30 years ago and it is designed to be centralized for profit. No company plans a product that doesn't have profit. DIY is another case all together. The guts of a cell phone or hand held are interesting and they use the twisted light molecular displays usually ( polarized light ). I found some interesting things there and it does make sense to use ARM and flash for the basis as well as some kind of USB interface. I have looked at MeeGo and Tizen. In any case there is a "sub-space" communication framework that is part of the EM like world and it allows P2P communications if you know the address. I thought it would be possible to have a web site that provided the public numbers of all subspace phones, but then that is really silly. That is the problem with the internet and phones now. I don't want to talk to people at random, because that few random people who like to take advantage can swamp an entire system. So it seems that some kind of IPV6 address would make more sense and using TCP/IP, since it is a known thing. I suppose it is more like UDP than TCP, as it has no routing information or use for the protocol, no satellites and no mobile towers or question of buying a ticket to use it. All together it is just a change to the EM transport and the rest is pretty much the same. It would make sense to have somebody like Google or Wikipedia serve as a place to keep and connect to global information in some local or structured way. Actually considering the copyright and patent environment, it might be better to have a singe device that could be addressed anywhere and contained the collection of useful information in a search like structure. It sure allows greater personal privacy and perhaps would finally allow real freedom of speech and association.

The robot room has some interesting DIY facts. The image is a really tiny motor that makes the vibration in a cell phone with an off center weight. I do understand how quantum gravity is wrong and I suppose they will eventually figure that out. I have been looking into communications with aliens and the form would certainly be odd and I have a vague suspicion that there is a war raging across the universe and we just happen to be outside of the combat zone at present, which could change without notice. I can guess what weapons they are using and why they are fighting. It is that final riddle that has no solution except itself.

If I make a phone, I think I will make it with a USB interface to a hub that is either the portable keyboard, pointer and display or the larger versions at home. I would think that USB 2.0 could handle it, but surely 5Gb/s on 3.0 would certainly be enough bandwidth to have a standardized modular approach just to make it cheaper with interchangeable parts and a way to use conventional RF, IR, laser, as well as subspace or neutrino as physical layer mechanisms. If the P2P transport mechanism is just one small part, then everything is reusable except the interface, which could just plug in like any USB. There is a Linux ARM that was made on a USB stick, which I think was DIY cost of $25 without a display.

This is the end of the motor in the image above where the arrows points. It was measured at .130 inch across and it has dot resolution to 2 µ or 2000 nanometers or about 3 λ wavelengths of visible light. This sized down by 5 factors of resolution.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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