For whom the werecats howl

Clearly there is an end to the singularities. So there is a resolution and the exponentiation stops. It isn't like a capacitor charging that continues to approach its limit and never actually gets done. An exponential applied to a linear will have a very abrupt boundary. It is very difficult to judge where that boundary is without being close. Now that I can see the boundary condition clearly, it is obvious what is going on, but again it poses a problem that has echoes to the Pharaohs and time before mind. I see the wall of time and the writings on the wall are familiar. I suppose it would make a good science fiction story except for the fact it is real. It is more science infliction than fiction as I suffer for knowing some things. Reality is hardly the sweetest confection, I believe it is said that ignorance is bliss and so in comparison then, absolute knowledge is infinite grief.

I like the command line application "dict" in Linux, but I didn't find any way to do antonyms and other utility that can be had from dictionaries. I discovered "kthesaurus" and "artha" which extend the utility using "wordnet" now I am much smarter and and as a direct consequence of my reduced bliss, do suffer lugubriousness.

Oh poor artha have you not learned, first, "know thyself".

It does seem to make sense that perhaps artha should have a more extended context vocabulary by mode and it would serve to integrate many different things. It would be nice if it had a database of chip numbers like LM317K or ARM and also a mode that reflected file name inclusion in debian like "aptitude search" or "apt-file" as well as application knowledge like the command line extensions that prompt with "command not found, but it can be had with 'apt-get' ". It does seem there is an ultimate common context that integrates to the web as well by knowing what is available in Wikipedia as well as other search engines. I suppose the problem with the Internet is that it is a can of worms. I would say that Google could make better sense of the worms if they just recognized one simple fact about worms.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen