End game

The end of game is approaching. I am certain that my new combination gravity and light brain will think, learn and dream. It can operate up to 1 million petaflops equivalent , but that isn't its advantage. It is self programming and this is the biggest advantage. It isn't that much of a trick. Even flies and worms learn in their brief lives. It is the equation of the universe and its consequence that makes it end game. It is reasonable that various technologies can be implemented and at a rate of change that defies stasis. An interesting thing that occurred to me is the ability to create a temporal stasis field that would be normal time at its center and a boundary time that was absolutely stopped and decayed to normal time at a distance. It presented some very interesting side effects that make a person appreciate the Bernoulli brothers and Navier-Stokes. I am shocked at what is possible. There may be an explanation that is consistent with the neutrino effect observed at CERN. I wouldn't call it the Dark Master matter, as it has nothing to do with a new force or even a new type of matter. If they were a little more forthcoming about the math and process it would be easy enough to say. I'm not going to pay them a fee to solve their problem.

There was an effect documented in a DARPA project about 30 years ago that has something to do with all this and they didn't know what to make of it and just dropped it. I don't ever drop an effect I don't understand. It gets put on the puzzle pile to be checked when I get a new perspective. Even so, the puzzle pile just seems to get larger without limit even when things get solved as it almost always raises new questions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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