Behind the looking glass

In the approach of nano scale it becomes obvious that there is a method to virtually view through the nucleus of the atom. I know full well that it is not indeterminant in the same way that I knew when I was young that the atom was not hidden due to quantum uncertainty even though I was told it was by my college professors. I do suspect that this was just the ongoing secrecy that surrounded the power of the bomb and the greed that was concealed as national interest to profit the few in power and money.

In Star Trek they had a theatrical effect where people were put "out of phase" with matter and could pass through, but the kinetics of that delusion was even more disturbing than the fact that their "inertial dampers" could support instantaneous acceleration to light speed, but couldn't stop the entire ship and contents from shaking from the slightest disturbance. I guess that was just one of those cheap special effects that people expected. Shake the camera more it is really a lot of danger!

In any case, I am certain that the interleave of matter would be vastly more complex, if even possible at all. I refuse to perfectly negate any product as I don't know everything and so I cannot negate anything absolutely, but I can be certain about that set which is in the actual repeatable and measurable realm. I assume it is possible to manipulate the state of the nucleus in those areas that are "uncertain" to have something that contains as much memory as perhaps 1k of ram. I am reasonably sure of this result and it is one of those areas that is worth getting ahead of as I always blamed myself for being so weak as to accept that I could not build an atomic force microscope or the electron microscope I imagined then, nearly 50 years ago. It isn't a simple thing to do, and it does require that the nanotechnology be solid in its operation, but I have an atomic force microscope and methods for the structure of the device.

I have used an electron microscope in my work in semiconductors as well as xray and atomic force during my recent adventures revisiting genetics and biology at uni. Since it all happens at nanoscale, it would seem that if the technology was discovered, you would have to know where it was. I really shouldn't give the NTSB any ideas or they really will start taking people apart to the atomic level and then scanning the nucleus of the atoms in the air for hidden information about what information they are hiding so they don't get caught running a porn sight with the annotated scanned images of celebrities from the airport scanners along with their DNA code. I understand that perhaps as much as 60% of all rare and expensive art is forgery. It shows that people get away with a lot of stuff anyway. It is the regular people who suffer. The others just find ways around the NTSB and consider it a cost of doing business. What criminal in their right mind goes through a pre-announced checkpoint with a dead body or anything they don't want discovered? They must have a very low opinion of their competition, always a bad premise.

I watched parts of "1984" today and like other fiction it never happens like in the movies, usually it is worse.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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