Walking on clouds

There is something very odd about the Carina Nebula and I can't seem to grasp what it is. There is an improper correlation between parts that seem to me should not exist in a ballistic system. I am as good as anybody at seeing what they already know in random data like clouds as this is natural to form a conclusion based upon the closest known set. That isn't what I mean.

There seems to be many different facts about Earth and the stars that do not solve as ballistic systems. It isn't like all these things like magnetic reversal and solar flares as well as irregularities in orbits can be causally aligned. There are a lot of unknowns and I have a strange feeling that I get when I play the Einstein game and I look at the pieces and think that I can select a key that solves it and then I do, and only after do I see the logic of why it must be so. It is a series of relationships that are like vectors and sets that operate in inclusion and exclusion within the bounds of possibility and probability. I understand why I have these suspicions and sometimes they are wrong, because the mind is not a perfect instrument. You know, if I was designing a booby trap in the moon, I would want it to always have the same face pointing at Earth generally. I just don't know what purpose an alien race would have in creating isolated biological systems, unless it was like petri dishes and the gravity contains them in the same way that a dish contains a culture. I wonder how careful they are about cross contamination or whether they have any motive whatsoever, other than seeing what happens. Perhaps I will get an idea before they wash the lab ware.

I had an idea of converting the temperature variations over the last 300 million years to a sound file, I just hope it doesn't say "Hello Sweetie!" or "Knock, Knock". The knowledge of time is certainly the biggest difference between man and animal and the ability to extend facts into the future and past. Of course it is also the cause of much delusion and self deception.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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