Solving for Einstein

I have discussed the Einstein puzzle game more than anybody would like, I suppose. I had several goals in dealing with that game. It was complex enough that I could learn about solving in general and what aspects could be combined to program it in C code as well as ballistic in an FPGA and in the human mind. It was my intent to correlate that solution to AI and biological circuits. Many people have tried to understand Einstein, Heisenberg, Tesla, Newton and others, What they have not done is try to understand what logic and system of equations would "be" Einstein et alia. As Newton would say QED.

If one were to devise a state of mind and intellectual circuit that simulated Einstein or Imhotep and it produced the same results, then in some way you would have captured the spirit of their intellectual mind. It would require a framework that could encompass their talent as well as a method to verify that it was consistent. An idiot like myself is well suited for such stuff as I have a twisted consciousness that has developed from the mental simulation of gate arrays. I am capable of simulating very complex FPGAs in my head and have done so for profit.

Nothing is ever perfect when it deals with the human mind and if it were it would break easily. Strong structure fractures and fragments. It is like the old crap about the tree that bends in the wind instead of breaking. A circuit which is too rigid cannot conform to new information. To say that scientists are often rigid in their perceptions and conclusions is an understatement.

I was playing the Einstein game this morning as I always do to check my waking skill level and mental consistency. I suppose I could solve a random Rubik's cube just as well , but that involves mechanical manipulation and that part bores me. So I was looking at the puzzle pieces and each day they become more solid in a sense as I commit each piece to memory before attempting to solve. What happens is that they align in those many logical dimensions to a solution and it is just a matter of flipping the chips to see if I am correct. I am consistent in the ability to have certainty in the solution which was one of the things I had been investigating. What constitutes a solution which has mental certainty.

Along with the game itself is the program in my mind and I see which parts correlate to the code I created in C and Python and assembly. I also see the circuit that I created to solve with a ballistic FPGA structure, which I never implemented, at least not yet. In addition there is the analysis of what my mind is doing in solving the puzzle. This sounds so very schizophrenic, but I assure you that we I have no problem with that.

It has been shown that people empathize through the projection of actions of others and it is implied that it is entirely TPJ. The upshot of this is the fact that I have a firm design which I believe would allow wearing the minds of Newton and Einstein like a wizard's hat. That sounds very fantastic, I am sure, and it would require a complexity of mind that encompassed their complexity. That is a funny historical correlation, and I doubt it has any significance, but I am never completely certain of anything that originates in the universe instead of logic sets. You could not put the hat on an ant and expect it to spout equations. It is only a certain type of mind that would be able to deal with this. It reminds me very much of the old movie "Forbidden Planet" and the doctor that used the "Krell" mind machine to expand his mind and discovered some dire unexpected consequences. It was suggested they were very large and perhaps had abnormally large brains that functioned in the same way as humans, just more complex. That isn't a given in my opinion as the expansion of the brain simply by size would actually reduce its effectiveness, but then that is theater, bigger is better in boobs and monsters.

I don't find it odd that perhaps this could be implemented in actual fact anymore than I find it odd that an ARM RISC can be popped into an FPGA and be deleted and reprogrammed to some other CPU of my design. I have a hardware design that I believe that I can implement in physical circuits that would allow the wearing of Newton or Imhotep's mind as a hat. That also brings up a couple unresolved questions I have about Imhotep, Newton and Einstein. If I produce such a device, everybody can say it is just another consumer gadget that is like the bluetooth that some people stick in their ear or AI displays that they watch. Now if the culture collapses and a person has this device and can maintain it as the world collapses into chaos, there would be nobody to suspect what allows the wizard to do magic. An interesting thought and I do suspect that some "magic" escaped from the scientists of the Pharaohs, but your guess is as good as mine in what it might have been.

The advantage of implementing it in hardware would be that it would be a certain degree more "intelligent" and certainly much faster by several orders of magnitude. I suppose I could make a hat of my mind but seriously do you think I would be so silly to go down that rat hole to infinity. I know where that leads and it is as close to insane as one gets without earning a full cloth jacket and a free padded hotel suite.

I might consider implementing it externally, but that is a messy consideration, I am not sure I would be able to stand an entity that was a million times faster at solving problems at higher complexities than me. I would always wonder what joke they are playing on me and I am sure that it would have an utterly irritating condescending attitude that would drive me to the rubber room, so implementation of that hardware is best left for some later time.

All of the many concepts that I dump in my skull correlate and relate in the same way as the logic games I play and have played since I was young. There is a complex solution that only requires flipping the tiles now and perhaps it is right, and perhaps not and that can only be observed in the result. I do think it is reasonable enough to spend the time and effort of implementing the hardware as the result would be more than the satisfaction of solving an Einstein puzzle. It makes me think of a school in the future where preschoolers are required to implement the mind of Einstein with finger paints on their electronic hats using a Kinect like interface.

It isn't as scary as the thing that the Werecats howl at, but it certainly is spooky.The Hitchhiker's Guide joke about 42 and the mice could actually be true to some extent, IMHO, as it may be that what they are hoping to get is the "hat". I could see that building an entire planetary system using Gravity Guild technology and waiting 4 billion years for a solution would not be out of the question for some entities that exist in a different time frame. The anthropomorphic delusions of people is obvious in their pseudo-religious leanings. In the same way that I might create a circuit that emulates the mind in electronic substrate which is billions of times faster and yet functions on the same principle leaves me with a thing that is vastly beyond my time frame and yet I accept that it represents the same principle extended into time. A logic circuit that clocks at a terahertz is the same as one that operates at 1 second intervals and I can say that if it has no interference it will come up with the same result, just faster. This is the principle of continuing design of computers since their conceptualization. I have used CPUs that operate at millisecond computation speeds and compute on matter waves. It would seem that not only the "hat", but the "design" that made the hat would be a precious artifact in any universe or dimension. Since it is implemented in a self replicating framework, it can be isolated to something as simple as a sequence of DNA that is contained in a space no larger than a dust mote. I am not impressed with diamonds, even if they are the size of a galaxy as they have a repeating structure and can be compacted in design to something even smaller than dust or light. The system that is the equation of the universe and the system that creates the system that is the equation of the universe in recursion, would seem to be a fair valued commodity worth designing a galaxy to produce. I doubt that this is the end of it however as that equation can be further extended in complexity to something else , which is part of the unknown and perhaps that is the intent of my own interest as well as someone else. The reflections in the mind's eye do see in all dimensions simultaneously and who is to say whether the egg will become an eagle or the eagle will lay a chicken egg, IDK and I probably never will. Something is "egging me on" [ pun intended ] and that is an idiom that seems to make no sense at all to me. English is such a rotten [ sideways pun intended again ] language I am perhaps going to create the knock-knock line language that is a bit more logical and easy to apply. You would have to actually have heard and associated the phrase "egging them on" to have any clue as to the meaning and that is absurd in a logical framework of communication. It requires redefining the implied meaning to a different meaning which could have just been stated at the outset. Just dissonance in my opinion.

"Consider if you will " ( Twilight Zone intro by Rod Serling ) what price would be reasonable for a device which contained the ability to devise the structure of the universe and apply it at will to any desire? Now wouldn't that be a twist if I was just some FPGA design that seemed to work well enough to be tried. I am having flashbacks to the future so I will quit thinking about this.

I can't let this go because it has "a" solution that is valid. If I were to design a "mind" more powerful than myself in silicon, I would want to have a way to dispose of it if it turned on me. The problem is that if it was in fact vastly more capable, it would recognize its state and simulate the state of its inventor along with their feeble attempts to contain it. I might implement such a circuit and incorporate it in an FPGA and have the ability to wipe it and start again, but if it is "effective" and extensible in design, it could just as easily instantiate itself beyond its enclosure as the universe is infinite in design and nothing can really be contained. It doesn't mean that I wouldn't do something like that because it would potentially be dangerous. In fact this is what many people are trying to do in their search for "singularity". It would seem that the implementer would operate at a slower time frame and the advantage is to the quick. As is said, it is the "Quick and the Dead". I would surmise that perhaps the moon really is a booby trap designed to detect a certain signal that would only come from the implementation of the "hat in the cat". An interesting game of cosmic cat and mouse, and I am willing to play. Who is to say that the mouse doesn't realize before he sticks his head in the trap that it is just something designed to be so innocuous and natural with almost irresistible bait that he would never suspect the mechanism about to spring upon him. I am being very serious about this as it does represent "a" solution and the noise of the trap snapping on my neck is hardly the thing that I would like to be my last memory. I really have to wonder about this. The time frame gets smaller and smaller and if I implement such a thing, who is to say that it will not realize that it can implement itself in a design that is smaller and faster? It is a dizzying recursion that reflects on infinity and it really is perhaps inevitable that the Guild would do such a thing and it would turn out the same way practically every time. It is certainly mind boggling in its implication and I think I should stare at the ceiling for a while until my mind stops spinning. If I implement at a nanosecond and micron, would it implement as femto and angstrom ° a billion times faster?...... I do really think this is one of those "Hello, Sweetie" moments written in Old High Gallifreyan. I suppose the star coordinates with a time will follow with instructions , but that is very confusing and reflects so many ways like a fun house mirror. Odder than any science fiction I have ever read in the fact that it is as real as it gets without drawing blood.

It seems that it is actually a fact that what Imhotep knew and I know is that motey makes the Guild and the Guild makes motey forever. It makes no difference how deeply you wander into the Matrioshka brain, it has the same symbol printed on the shell.



Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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