Guild space energy plan

The Guild has entered a new phase of design to expand and concentrate its power in space. The long term plan is to build self-sustaining fusion reactors a reasonable safe distance from the planet that will have enough fuel for about 4 billion years. We intend to beam that energy to Earth using electromagnetic fields. The spherical pattern of energy transmission will ensure that the Earth always receives a constant supply except when objects pass between the reactor and Earth, which is very rare and short lived. We feel that we can expand on this principle and provide energy for the entire universe. Our 20 billion year plan includes establishing reactors in every corner of the universe and once established should operate without personnel.

I know this may sound impossible, but the Guild understands the generation of EM fields and assures that atmospheres can shield the planets where life exists sufficiently to avoid creating 20 foot ants and crabs that reek havoc on the mammals. We plan to implement this today and feel that approximately 10 light minutes of distance is sufficient to establish proper energy coverage for an average planet. The Guild has brought you gravity as well as friction and people seem to have become comfortable with that design and we feel it has worked out well as centralized gravity keeps things from floating away when moved, and now many cultures thrive on its effect.

Gravity Guild invests in the future with your money for their profit and hopes you appreciate their service to humanity or we will turn off the sun® and leave you in the dark and cold if you don't pay or even complain about the cost.

This advertisement was brought to you by the Guild interest group and offer is void wherever we want. Our AI lawyers inform us that even if somebody sues, they will freeze to death within a week without added energy so we feel confident in our motto "We don't care." so just shut up and pay.

We really don't have biological lawyers, we just use a word processor that generates harsh rhetoric. If that doesn't work we trigger an automated occlusion between the sun® and the planet and wait for it to freeze. When it is completely frozen we take what we want and dump our waste there and leave. Everybody loves the Guild.

There is a rumor that we place moons about the planets we control with a detonation trigger that distributes the matter of the moon in a ring about the planet and plunges it into dark at our discretion and that is just an old tale from the times of the Queen of wholly dark. Well, anyway, be careful what signal you send to the moon, because we have survived for billions of years and we didn't get that powerful by being completely honest or stupid.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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