Time slippers

While working on a new technique that combines inertial canceling and some methods in ballistics it occurred to me that there are more new aspects to gravity technology that could prove to be even more effective in navigating the gravity potentials. It is something which is obvious in its effect, but convoluted in mechanics so it exceeded my ability to model and apply it till now. I am still studying zero point energy and the nature of vacuum energy as it eludes me also. It is all tied up with some concepts that I have discussed before and may resolve with this new perspective.

There is advantage in knowing the base mechanics of matter, but that doesn't always help with things that become too complex in their action to be modeled or imagined easily. It is surprising how often that understanding unrelated effects like thermodynamics or probability can produce an effective and useful analogy. It is obvious that many things are yet to be discovered and as much as I enjoy science fiction, it always pales in the face of science fact. Some of my recent inventions could easily be considered magic, but if you are a rational person , there is never any magic, only that which defies immediate understanding.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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